GrapeHops Tours are for travelers who love a little culture and activity mixed in with their wine and food experiences. During our tours, we meet winemakers and food artisans along with learning about the regions we visit.

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Are you a solo traveler? There is NO single supplement on a GrapeHops tour. You will have your own bedroom with no additional expense added to our published prices.

What you can expect on a GrapeHops tour:

  • Visits to both well-known and off-the-beaten-track places
  • Unique visits to wineries, farms and food artisans
  • Excellent libations and food every day of the tour
  • Your host and guides will do everything within their power to make sure you have the vacation of all vacations

If you would like to travel in a private group, this is very possible (and increasingly common.) Private tours need to be booked well in advance (two years notice is good, eighteen months doable.) The minimum number of participants varies per tour, but are six or eight people for all tours. Please do not hesitate to inquire for any time in the future.

Do you have questions or would you like to be added to our email list for updates on future tours? Do not hesitate to email Lantern官方网站 or post on our facebook page.

A word from our travelers…

“Let me tell you about Shannon Essa and Grapehops. My wife, Linda, and I were not experienced travelers when we took our first tour with Shannon. I bugged her constantly with every travel question imaginable and she patiently coached me. We also were reticent to travel with anything that had the word tour associated with it as it brought to mind riding busses with crowds to over-touristed places. Shannon’s experiences are absolutely not that. They are small, intimate, and focus on local culture, food, and wine. In the restaurants we visit with Shannon, the owners come out and hug her and invite her to hang out when she has time. Shannon goes out of her way to assure that the money we are spending on her tours goes to the locals rather than big corporations, which we also appreciate. We’ve now been to Spain (twice), Portugal, and Croatia with Shannon and every trip has been awesome. Our trip to Croatia was a group of already good friends and at dinner the last evening, one asked Shannon ‘Where are we all going with you next?’ And we are all re-convening with Shannon on her Sicily tour this year.

Linda and I always add our own private get-away to the front or back of Shannon’s tours and she is more than willing to advise us on those as well. If you are a person interested in learning about the culture, food and wine in an area where Shannon tours, and if you are a good co-traveler for small groups, Shannon’s tours cannot be beaten.”

Paul H., GrapeHops Veteran